Literary Kicks

What can I say about a website that has been an intrinsic part of my life since 1994, when I launched it from a 386 Gateway PC using a Sportster 14400 baud modem (this was hot stuff back then). I figured I'd probably keep it up for a week or two, but it's now been more than 20 years.

Literary Kicks is now recognized as the oldest continuously operating literary website in the world. I've had a great time running it, and I've also enjoyed using it as a tech laboratory for my various ideas about content management, social media, spontaneous composition, community interaction and group communication.

The first version of Litkicks was straight HTML. Over the years I've ported it to a lot of different platforms, including a fairly innovative and extensive homegrown Java CMS built upon JIve forums which has now been put out of its mercy but once powered an incredibly active poetry message board called Action Poetry.

Litkicks is currently a blog that I update about once a week. The latest version is Drupal 7, and he jury's out whether I'll migrate it to Drupal 8 or Keystone next.

Technologies: HTML, Jive Forums, WordPress, Drupal, Bootstrap.

1994 to 2016

New York City